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Remodeling Your Kitchen on A Budget

Remodeling your kitchen does not have to be a huge expense. With a bit of preparation and creativity, it can be a modest expenditure that will improve your house by a great deal, while remaining inexpensive and effective!

To help you find a few “Budget Kitchen Remodels”, we have compiled three different ideas that you can apply to your own kitchen to spruce it up a bit, along with an estimated price for these remodels.

Brighten the Place Up A Bit

This plan is very simple. All it requires is a nice coat of warm white, some simple hardware for the cabinets and drawers, along with some new chairs and stools to compliment the new look.

Paint does not cost too much in this day and age. Shop around online and at your local hardware store to find the right shade of white for you. Ideally, this shade of white will be warm and bright, which will elevate the general feeling of your kitchen and shed some light on some of the darker and less appealing spaces.

Paint your cabinets and your walls this color. Really spread it around and make it look pretty and vibrant. Then, spend a bit of money on upgrading the handles and knobs on your cabinets and drawers. This is not always necessary, but often, those pieces are very old and lacking in any sort of modernity. So, by spending some money, you will complement the new look of your kitchen.

At the end of it all, if you do not already have matching chairs and stools, spend a bit of time trying to find some, and then placing them in your kitchen.

If you add all of this up, you get a rough estimate of 1,400 dollars. This price comes with the assumption that you are buying new furniture, and having someone else paint it for you. Without that, it will be about six-hundred dollars, at most.

Giving Your Kitchen a Modern Look

To give your kitchen a modern – and slightly futuristic – look, invest in painting your walls and cabinets a strong shade of white, and then invest in stainless steel appliances. Ideally, the appliances should be the new eco-friendly ones, to compliment the futuristic look and feel of your new kitchen.

On top of this, you can also change the flooring and replace it with ceramic tiles that are a neutral color. All of these compliment the look and makes your kitchen feel incredibly modern and cutting-edge!

Due to the costs of flooring, painting, and appliances, this will cost you, at most, 2,000 dollars. This price assumes that you will need to buy a new fridge, a new microwave, and a new stove. All of this adds up. If you want to hire someone to paint for you, that will be another 600 dollars.

A Classic Kitchen

If you go back in time, you will find that most kitchens were painted white. This is still true, and that is because the color white always meshes well with a kitchen.

This plan involves painting your cabinets a shade of white. Then, paint your walls a sunny yellow that reflect a sense of positivity and energy. This is a very classic look that goes back to the fifties, but this look has withstood the test of time and it will continue to do so due to the sheer simplicity and elegance of it all.

In total, this should cost 435 dollars. This is the cheapest plan, and the simplest.

There you have it. Three simple remodeling plans. Have fun with your remodeling!

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