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Kitchen Remodeling and The Importance Of “Before and After”

Before and After photos are very compelling. We can witness a kitchens transformation from being ugly and drab, to spacious and vibrant. Those two pictures tell a story that is naturally compelling. Remodeling agencies know this, and that is why they use those photos.

While these pictures are very important, because they give you the best idea of what to expect and the way it will look after all is said and done, there is another side to them. Before and After pictures tell the beginning and end of the story, but not the middle. The middle is just as important, if not more important, than the beginning and ending.

While your house is being remodeled, you need to make sure that they are still taking care of your home. Most people want to stay in their home while the remodeling is conducted, and this is understandable, but not always feasible. So, chances are, you will have to leave for a period of time in order to let the contractors work and remodel your kitchen.

Unfortunately, while it is in the contractor’s best interest to take care of your home, that is not always what happens. In some cases, the contractors take very poor care of your home and they end up leaving certain areas even more damaged and broken then they were before the remodeling. This is very bad and is not how a contractor should act.

When you hire a contractor/remodeler, you need to ask for two things. Two big things that will give you some very important information that is essential to your remodeling.

Ask for “Before and After” pictures. Ask for a few of them, and then ask for one or two that are similar to what is being done with your home. This allows you to witness the extent of the transformation that is about to occur, along with the quality of the work itself. More importantly, it gives you an idea of the quality of the work that they have done.

Once you have done that, ask about the quality of the care they will give your home during this remodeling. Ask this question, and then tell them about the things that you need from them. Things that they need to do in order for you to be comfortable and happy with the work. Finally, ask what you can do to help them with that. That last step is very important, because, by doing that, you make this whole thing much easier

Those two things are very important. Most of all, it allows you to receive the best service that you can receive. If a contractor is unwilling to meet the needs that you have, then they are not the right fit.

To give you an example of what I am talking about, let’s say that you have a nice kitchen, but it needs some work. You need to put in new electrical wiring, new plumbing, new cabinets, new flooring, and a fresh coat of paint. That is a lot of work, and you are going to need someone that can turn the vision you have into reality. So, you ask for some “Before and After” pictures, and they show them to you. Good. You are confident that they can turn your vision into a reality. Then, you tell them about the things you need from them, with regards to taking care of your home, and they cannot do it. That is a bad sign. If you did hire them, they would have probably trashed the rest of your home.

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