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How Long Will It Take To Remodel Your Kitchen

One of the first things that people often wonder before they start remodeling is “How long will all of this take?” It all depends on what you have to do, what you want to add to your kitchen, and how fast you are willing to work.


Planning can be as short or as long as you want. It all depends on what you want to do and the scope of your project along with how quickly you want to get it done.

Let’s say that you are working with a smaller kitchen and the remodeling just consists of changing a few things and installing some new countertops. Given the rather small scope of the project, this phase will not take much time at all.

However, if you are working with a much larger kitchen and you want to replace the electrical wiring and put in new walls and new floors, that is going to take a lot longer. Your plan and layout need to be far more elaborate and specific, which means that this will take more time.

Finding A Contractor

Finding the right contractor can be slightly tricky since each one has their own timeline and their own speed. Take this into consideration, and take the time to find the right one. This process really depends on you and how much research you want to put in.

Initial Design Process

Make sure to know what you want and, if you are working with a contractor, specify everything down to the smallest and most important details. You need to get clear on what you want, and to make sure that this vision is laid out. Usually, this takes a few days.

Final Design Process

Go over your vision and what you have put down, and then work with your contractor(s) and make sure that the whole thing is structurally sound and feasible. This takes a few weeks, at the most

Product Ordering

Order the products early. Take into consideration the price of shipping and where you are ordering it from. This will take two months, at the most.

Demolition/Structural Changes

Depending on the need for these structural changes, this can take as little as one to three days, or as long as two months. This all depends on the sheer scope of the project and the breadth of your remodeling.


Paint before you install any new cabinets. This will make it much easier and far more efficient since you will not need to cut around anything, and there will not be a lot of time spent moving things around. Usually, this takes just two or three days.

Installing New Flooring

Depending on the size of your kitchen, this should not take longer than two days. If you have an especially small and compact kitchen, then it might only take six to eight hours of hard work. Then, it will be done, and you will have all new floors.

Cabinet Installation

If you are doing the installation yourself, and you do not have a lot of experience doing that, then it can take up to four days. But, if you are hiring a professional to install your cabinets, expect something around the range of one to two days.

Countertop Fabrication/Installation

Having your countertops made takes at least five days, but, at the most, three weeks. Then, there is shipping to consider. Once it gets to your home, it will only take one/two days.

Finishing Touches

Move your appliances in. Make sure everything is structurally secure and sound. Then, you are ready!