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How Much Should It Cost To Remodel Your Kitchen


The cost depends on the size of your kitchen and the extent of what you want to do with your kitchen. It ranges from as low as 400 dollars, to as high as 3,500 dollars.


900 dollars is the average price. Different states have different rules, so check to see if you will need a permit for what you are doing. If you do not, you will save money

Dust Control

400 dollars is the standard price for controlling and removing excess dust. This may be for you, depending on the dust that you have, or it may not.


2000 dollars to demolish old structures and fixtures, in order to make way for new ones. Again, you may need this, or you may not. It all depends on the nature of your remodeling.


3000 dollars to 6000 dollars and anywhere in between. Those are the standard costs for the installation of new plumbing systems, and while this may not always be a necessity, there is a good chance it will be since your plumbing is probably quite old and in need of a replacement.

Electrical Wiring

2,500 to 4,800 dollars is the average cost for the installation of new electrical wiring. As with plumbing, it is not always necessary to do this, but it is often a good idea due to the age of the wiring.

Heat Vent Installation

900 to 1,800 dollars. As we move down the list, you will find that many of these things are not always necessary, and that you may not need to have new heat vents installed.


The standard price is 2,500 dollars for new drywall to be installed. This depends on the age of your drywall, but it is often recommended due to the fact that you are installing new fixtures, and your drywall is probably quite old.

Trim Work

1,200 to 3,500 dollars. With a remodeling comes new trim. Good trim can cost a lot of money, but many insist that it is worth it since it is often quite stunning to look at.


As we already covered, the standard cost goes from 1,100 5,500 dollars, and that depends on the size of your kitchen, the quality of your new flooring, and the quality of your contractor.


Cabinets are expensive. Standard prices range from as low as 5,000 dollars, to as much as 14,000 dollars. This is the biggest investment of all, and the price depends on quality, size, and how many you are getting.


Given the fact that they have a new kitchen, many feel that they need new appliances such as a fridge, oven, and microwave. This is expensive, and often, unnecessary. Still, if you wish to purchase new appliances for your new kitchen, it will be between 2,500 and 9,000 dollars


Hardware refers to things like door handles, door hinges, and even drawers and drawer handles. It can range from being 150 dollars to 1,200 dollars, depending on what you need.


New countertops complete the look of your new kitchen, but they do not come cheap. 900 dollars to 5,000 dollars are the standard prices for a fresh set of countertops to complete your new kitchen.


Getting a new paint job is not essential, but it is recommended due to it finishing off the look. Prices run from as low as 1,000 dollars, to as high as 2,500 dollars. Still, many say it is worth it.