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Where Should You Start When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is a big job. It can be overwhelming at first, and it helps to know where to start and what exactly you need to do. Outlining the process, and having a solid plan, is important and, in many cases, necessary due to the size and scope of the project itself. Before you […]

When Should You Remodel Your Kitchen

When you are selling a home, the first thing that a potential buyer does is check out the kitchen. Why is this? There is no one answer, but the general idea is that the kitchen is a very important place in a home, because it is the area where we spend most of our time. […]

The Steps for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Here are ten steps for remodeling your kitchen. Follow them, and this will be easy. Step 1: Demo Your Kitchen Demo means “demolition”. This is a simple process. If you have a friend that will help you, it will be much faster and much easier. Remove your cabinet doors. Remove your doors and their hinges. […]

Remodeling Your Kitchen on A Budget

Remodeling your kitchen does not have to be a huge expense. With a bit of preparation and creativity, it can be a modest expenditure that will improve your house by a great deal, while remaining inexpensive and effective! To help you find a few “Budget Kitchen Remodels”, we have compiled three different ideas that you […]

Kitchen Remodeling and The Return on Your Investment

When people remodel their home, one of the big things people often wonder is whether or not the remodeling is going to increase the market value of their home. This is a very good question, and the answer is rather complex. Even more so if you are remodeling the home and you are planning on […]

Kitchen Remodeling and The Importance Of “Before and After”

Before and After photos are very compelling. We can witness a kitchens transformation from being ugly and drab, to spacious and vibrant. Those two pictures tell a story that is naturally compelling. Remodeling agencies know this, and that is why they use those photos. While these pictures are very important, because they give you the […]

Can You Write Off Your Kitchen Remodel?

Many home improvement projects are tax deductible. This is because, according to the IRS, any home improvement adds value to your home, which adds value to the market and to the people living in the home. Repairs to a home are not, in fact, tax deductible. The reasoning for this is a bit confusing, but […]

A Kitchen Remodeling How-To Guide

Remodeling a kitchen is a complex procedure. It requires a number of people, each one with a different set of skills that are vital to the project, and communication is key. Generally, there is a designer, an installer, and many subcontractors – plumber, electrician, etc. Depending on the size and scale of the remodeling, it […]

19 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Without a good place to start, kitchen remodeling can be a bit overwhelming. That is why, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of some great ideas for you to use when remodeling your kitchen. 1. Replace the Cabinets with Open Shelves Make your small kitchen feel even larger by ditching cabinets and replacing […]

5 Must-Haves for Your Kitchen Remodel

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen anytime soon, then this list is for you! Here, we have compiled a list of things that you must add to your kitchen during your remodel. These items will add a certain special something to the mix, and make your kitchen extra special all for you. Some […]