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5 Must-Haves for Your Kitchen Remodel

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen anytime soon, then this list is for you! Here, we have compiled a list of things that you must add to your kitchen during your remodel. These items will add a certain special something to the mix, and make your kitchen extra special all for you.

Some of these are not universally agreed upon, but consider each one of them, because they do add something special to your kitchen. Plus, you never know, these might be perfect for you!

Kitchen Barstools

Barstools are, some might say, a relic of the past. This may be true, but I think we can agree to disagree. Do not get us wrong, eating at a dinner table is great and all, but what if you are just having a quick breakfast or a short snack? If you are a parent, you know the rush of having to cook your kids breakfast and then to hurry them up as they eat it. In many cases, it simply is not practical to eat at the dinner table for every meal. With a barstool, there is minimal preparation needed and you can easily clean it due to the size and span of the barstool itself.

Open Kitchen Shelves

Open shelving has its disadvantages, for sure, but it has many advantages. With open shelving, you can find and grab dishes easily, just by looking over and seeing where they are. One of the supposed disadvantages is that people will be able to see all your dishes too. That may be a problem for you, but the convenience factor makes it worth it, if you ask us.

White Cabinets

White cabinets are classic. They go with everything, and the look is timeless. No one will argue with that, but some will say that white cabinets are very drab, and they do not really add any warmth or atmosphere to a kitchen. That may be true, but with the right coat of white, you will have yourself a very nice-looking kitchen that appears spotless and clean.

Smart Storage

Pull out shelves are a good example of smart storage. As is having your trash and recycling cans underneath the sink. The idea behind this kind of storage is to make the most of the limited space that you have. By doing this, and making a lot of those big items “invisible” through putting them in various places and spaces, your kitchen will feel much larger and a lot neater. Also, if you label them properly and take inventory of all kitchen items then nothing will get lost!

A Fireplace

This is probably the most controversial of them all. Sometimes, it really does not go with your decor or the layout of your kitchen, and if that is the case, then I understand why you would not want to put one in there. However, the right fireplace in the right spot adds several key elements to your kitchen. Elements that are just so nice and lovely.

One, it creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Two, it can add a certain something to your kitchen by complimenting your flooring as well as making you feel connected to nature. Three, the right fireplace just looks so nice!

With a fireplace, you have quite a few choices, and the one you choose will depend on your own personal needs and tastes. Some people like big fireplaces that take up a lot of room, while others like small fireplaces because their kitchen is rather small and quaint. The same goes for the materials.

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