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19 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Without a good place to start, kitchen remodeling can be a bit overwhelming. That is why, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of some great ideas for you to use when remodeling your kitchen.

1. Replace the Cabinets with Open Shelves

Make your small kitchen feel even larger by ditching cabinets and replacing them with open shelves. By doing this, you will also be able to see where everything is.

2. Buy Some Fancy New Appliances

New appliances look nice and add a certain sense of freshness to a kitchen – especially a kitchen that has been remodeled. Not to mention the fact that, in today’s market, there are countless kitchen appliances that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, which allows you to save money on your electricity bill and to make the environment a little bit better.

3. Upgrade Your Cabinet Hardware

Replace the knobs and handles on your cabinets and update them with something unique, something that adds personality and spark to your kitchen!

4. Make Your Ceilings Pop

Add some texture to your ceilings. Splash a nice color or two on there and really make it pop and stand out. That way, everything will fit in and the whole kitchen will feel new!

5. Add Texture to Your Walls

White herringbone tile patterns are big right now, and they are inexpensive and add a lot of texture to your walls. Try them out.

6. Add Texture to Your Countertops

Stone textures are all the rage at this time, and you can replicate it with a travertine silver laminate that looks like stone, but is much cheaper.

7. Put A Nice Coat of Paint on It

Paint the walls and cabinets and make them pop out and leave a great impression!

8. Quiet Things Down

Soft-close hinges quiet things down and reduce the noise, which is great if you live with other people.

9. Brighten It Up

Add lights to your kitchen and brighten the place up.

10. Put Some Stylish Shelves in There

Use brackets and different textures to add personality to your shelves and general decor.

11. Get A New Sink

Getting a new sink makes everything look nice. Most new models work with any type of countertop.

12. Add Some Extra Storage

To the side of your fridge, add custom-made storage that will allow you to store wine and other things.

13. Tidy Your Pantry

An organized pantry goes perfectly with any kitchen and will make sure that you do not lose track of anything.

14. Make Every Bit of Space Count

Use door-mounted shelves to add some extra space to your kitchen.

15. Put in A Chalkboard

Put a chalkboard on the inside of your pantry door and leave yourself positive messages to help start the day or to motivate you while cooking a wonderful dish

16. Label Everything

Use labels to keep track of everything. That way, you know what spices and ingredients are which and you will not have to make guesses or spend extra time figuring out where things are.

17. Put in Some Wire Shelves

Wire shelves are great because they allow you to store small jars and other things of a similar size, while allowing you to optimize the space that you have, without having to store things in other places outside of your kitchen.

18. Make That Window Seat Look Special

Some of us have a little nook in our kitchen right by the window. For those that do, add some nice cushions and two pretty pillows.

19. Give Yourself Some Special Floors

The right flooring will make your kitchen extra special and pretty.

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